The London Book Fair Crawl 2015

The London Book Fair forms part of The London Book and Screen Week (11th to 18th April), which celebrates the role of the book and the written word at the heart of creative content across all formats. It comprises a week of events, revolving around The London Book Fair

Our aim for 2015 is to extend The London Book Fair beyond Olympia and spread the word about events taking place in London that are relevant to Book and Screen week and The London Book Fair.

London Bookshops are at the heart of this celebratory week and as part of this we have devised five Bookshop crawls for visitors to London and the Fair.

The crawls cover just a handful of the many fantastic bookshops in London. There are many more to choose from. To find out about other bookshops in the capital please search here 

For further information on The London Book Fair and bookseller activity contact Naomi Gane

Event Programme Sponsors: LBF NBT Batch The Booksellers Association