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Bookshop Socials

Pre-Covid 19 The BA held several Regional Bookshop Socials each year. The evenings, usually sponsored by a publisher, provide a great opportunity for regional booksellers to come together in a relaxed informal setting and have proved to be very popular. We are looking forward to scheduling our much missed Bookshop Socials later in 2021.

In the meantime, in May we will be hosting our first two Digital Bookshop Socials, one alongside HarperNorth, in which Northern Booksellers will hear from authors Rob Pope and Tony Redmond; and the other for South Western Booksellers, in which they will hear from Victoria Hislop, and enjoy a home-delivered Greek food kit, courtesy of Walker Books.

Booking for the HarperNorth and Walker Books events are now live. 

The events are open to BA Members only and are FREE of charge to attend. All bookshop staff are welcome!

Further information about more BA Bookshop Socials will be updated throughout the year. 

Check out photos below from the previous regionals! 

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06/02/2020 - 04/11/2020

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0207 421 4640

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